Newsletter #66

Hey folks from the software engineering community!

It’s #TechThursday at #namshi!

Our comrade Alex is at SymfonyCon Madrid with an awesome and super exciting talk about angular.

Next week, Oba, Lucio and Alex will be at the super exciting Docker Eu Conference to collect some thoughts about the newest technologies.

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Newsletter #64

Hello friends from the software engineering community!

News from the tech team:

Cirpo, Alex, Oba and Manuel went to the first Rocket Internet Global Tech Summit in Berlin last week. Oba and Alex gave two talks about our internal technology and stack. It was a great opportunity to meet and discuss with other tech leads from all the Rocket Internet ventures from all around the world.

It’s #TechThursday at #namshi!

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One Year at Namshi


One year at Namshi… and it feels so good!

When I decided to leave Malaysia I had several options: London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Singapore and New Zealand. In the end I chose Dubai, or better, I chose Namshi. I had positive vibes, so I told myself, “Let’s move to Dubai!”.

In my career I had other awesome, engaging and knowledgeable experiences, but there was always a missing piece. At Namshi I can finally say that I found the working and challenging environment I was looking for.

Newsletter #62

Hey folks!

It’s #TechThursday at #namshi!

News from the IT Team:

Namshi is now maintaining winston-graylog2! Lucio just merged the first PR!

Cirpo just came back from Munich after giving two interesting talks, read all about it here!

Alex will be hitting SymfonyCon Madrid on November 27-29. He will talk about Namshi’s experience with AngularJs!

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A Year and a Half Journey With Namshi Tech

Today, I bade farewell to the team and the culture that introduced me to software development. A year and six months have passed since I landed my first job straight out of college as a Junior Software Engineer at Namshi where I had the great, the average and the bad days. I must admit, time has passed super fast.

Namshi Went to Germany!
WebTechCon and International PHPConference 2014


I had the opportunity to attend the WebTechCon and the International PHPConference 2014 as speaker in Munich, Germany. The location was very nice, and beeing a foodie, the food was great :).

The only small complaint I have is that in 2014, Tech conference should be in English: I missed a lot of potentially great talks because they were in German.

The International PHP Conference is the world’s first PHP conference and stands since more than a decade while the WebTechCon is taking place since the last 5 years. The fact that you have these two events combined confirms the trend of horizontal events rather than focusing on just one technology or product. Lots of different topics were covered: PHP, Javascript, HTML5, AngularJs, databases, devops, systems, automation, architecture etc.

The concept of an heterogeneous technologies integration was addressed during the opening keynote and was a topic covered in many talks, mine were no exception.

I presented two talks: “Don’t screw it up! How to build durable API” and “PHP is the king, nodejs the prince and Lua the fool”.

Both talks are based on the experience at Namshi, building our current service oriented architecture and API and how our stack is evolving.

At Namshi we believe that attending conferences and meetups is a very important as that helps the team and the individual developers grow. It’s a great opportunity to understand what’s going on in our field and to meet other great developers.

What’s next? If you’re attending SymfonyCon Madrid, don’t miss “Hey, I just met AngularJS, and this is crazy, so here’s my JavaScript, let’s use it maybe” by Alex!

Winston-graylog2: A New Life Under Namshi

As our herd of node.js apps grows, we soon needed a way to keep an eye on them. Having already in out tool belt a graylog2 facility in place, looking for a way to leverage it was the most natural thing to do.

Because of its nice modular transports feature our node-logging weapon of choice is winston, the graylog2 transport library looked a bit alone though and in need of a maintainer. I our usual give back spirit we choose to adopt the lib instead of publishing a new one, and today we merged our 1st PR! :)

As for now our intervention was isolated to move away from the custom GELF protocol implementation, relying instead on the node-graylog2 library: they’ll most likely do a better job than us on the protocol side, and we’ll be able to focus more on the winston integration. We also started introducing some basic tests: definitely some better work can be done on this side ;)

So here it is: winston-graylog2 and here’s briefly how you use it:

the usual

npm install winston-graylog2

and then

  var winston = require('winston');
  winston.add(require('winston-graylog2'), options);


var WinstonGraylog2 = require('winston-graylog2');
var logger = new(winston.Logger)({
        exitOnError: false,
        transports: [new(WinstonGraylog2)(options)]

Enjoy! :)

Publishing something new is always a great feeling, and it’s even more fulfilling when it involves not letting a project die :)
So let us know if you like it and share the love with some RP!!!! ;)

Newsletter #61

Hey folks!

It’s #TechThursday at #namshi!

Thanks to Shidhin, we have a shiny new blog theme! Also, he wrote an incredible blog post about Javascript ES6, you should check it out!

Here is the list with awesome links to keep you busy during the weekend: