Newsletter #124

Hi there!

Like everyone else we love the weekends too, look how happy the guys are:

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Newsletter #123

Hi there!

We are looking for backend software engineers.

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Lightning Talks #2

At Namshi, as you probably know, we do several activities in parallel, like – small presentations about new technologies, showcases of the latest projects, watching interesting conference talks, etc. Sometimes we get together and some of the team members give a small presentation, lightning talks, about something they found really interesting. Here is a recap of the last lightning talks we had, and we hope, like the weekly newsletter, you will find it interesting as well!

Newsletter #120

Hello everyone, for the first newsletter of 2016, we have the final results from our ping pong (TT) competition. After an intense final match between David and Geshan, the winner is… Geshan!

This is how the tournament unfolded in the past weeks: