Welcome Armagan!

Time for another terrific addition to the team as we’re trying to embrace the DevOps culture over here!

We’ve been trying to make some key hires over the past few months, and after beefing up the team with talented JavaScripters, diligent (and very funny!) webdevelopers and experienced software engineers, we felt we needed to add someone with DevOps in his blood to help our whole team in this long, rewarding transition.

Without further ado, we welcome Armagan from Turkey, our very first 100% turk! :)

Armagan graduated from Computer Science and dove into web development with Django, then did some System Administration with Fabric and regret that as soon as he met Saltstack :) He introduced Saltstack to several companies, either built orchestration from scratch or converted from other tools like puppet or chef. Markafoni, Put.io, Koding, Kartaca and Peakgames were among those companies. Meanwhile, he developed a video on demand Android applications for Turkcell as a freelancer.

Well, best of luck Arma! And thanks for the fresh Baklava!

Newsletter #88

Hello folks! It’s #TechThursday at #namshi

This week we held our first “lighting talks” session with a lot of new and useful insight on tools and libraries!

We also realease another oss library for nodejs mysql2-promise that is based on node-mysql2 and let you take advantage of client-side query prepare/escape, connection pooling and other features that are not in the node-mysql library. Thanks to Hossam for this!

And here is the list of awesome links we found this week!

Lighting Talks #1

On Thursday afternoons the Namshi tech team usually spend some times together, either watching an interesting tech video or having a small retrospective on what’s going on together.

Last Thursday we introduced a new activity: The Namshi Tech Lighting talks. As you probably know, sharing knowledge and experience is very important for us, that’s why we decided to have this new activity where everyone in the team is showing an interesting library/tool.

And we want also to share this with you!

Sending Files in Unix: The Quick and Dirty Way

You’re hacking around with a friend, and you need to send him a file. How would you do that?

Just use a USB stick (do people still carry those things around?).

With the “power of the Internet” you have a bunch of possible ways to do it with a simple journey around the planet:

  • send an email
  • put it on dropbox/gdrive/box/etc
  • skype/facebookMessanger/chat/IM