Sending Files in Unix: The Quick and Dirty Way

You’re hacking around with a friend, and you need to send him a file. How would you do that?

Just use a USB stick (do people still carry those things around?).

With the “power of the Internet” you have a bunch of possible ways to do it with a simple journey around the planet:

  • send an email
  • put it on dropbox/gdrive/box/etc
  • skype/facebookMessanger/chat/IM

Improve Website Page Load Performance With Critical CSS

Critical Css

Website performance is the hot topic these days. In fact, performance is becoming a critical factor for websites. First, users really love fast loading websites. Second, performance affects the SEO page ranking. According to Google, page load speed is one of the key parameters of their ranking algorithm. Thus, it is critical for websites to improve page speed performance – not just for improving users experience, but also for winning against their competitors in Google search results.

For E-commerce websites, this is super critical. If you’re not clear, see the results from Amazon after improving their website page performance:

For every 1 second of improvement they experienced up to a 2% increase in conversions. For every 100 ms of improvement, they grew incremental revenue by up to 1%

Improving page load time

Browsers spend most of the time downloading resources. If the resources ( JS, CSS ) are inside the HEAD tag, the browser has to download all of them before parsing the HTML. Therefore, users won’t be able to see anything on the screen till all the resources are downloaded.

Newsletter #83

Another thursday, another weekly newsletter from the Namshi team!

Before diving deep into our weekly list of links, we wanted to wish Cirpo best of luck for his 2 talks at the Codemotion in Rome!

Newsletter #82

TechThursday is here folks!

News from the IT Team:

As you may have heard we have a new joiner in the backend team: welcome David!

And here you have the usual list with awesome links to keep you busy during the weekend under your beach umbrella between your dives (if you are in the area of course :P):

Welcome David!

We are very excited to welcome David to the crazy Namshi IT team!

David is an experienced programmer, with a great knowledge about Agile, managing teams, OOP, design patterns and best practices.

Other than wakeboarding in his free time, he likes to contribute to the IT communities, check his

Again, welcome on board David!