Hey folks! Hope you had a great week!


We are looking for a senior software engineer passionate about NodeJS and a frontend designer who is passionate and kick-ass in CSS and HTML and wants to expand his skillset with some JavaScript — we <3 javascript :)

We will detail in a separate post but, for the time being, feel free to reach out to submit your linkedin / github profile to work-in-tech@namshi.com

Here are your links for this week!

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Guess what? TechThursday is here!

What happened this week in the Namshi Tech team?

This week we achieved a great result: our travis builds now take just 8 minutes to run all the test suite, we are super excited about this.
We will soon talk about it in a blog post, stay tuned and keep following @TechNamshi

Enjoy the list of super uber interesting posts on the Web!

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TechThursday is here!

What happened this week in the Namshi Tech team?

This week our teammate nikita got the time to work a bit on namshi/jose, and we ended up releasing version 1.1.1!
Jose is a PHP library that provides a lightweight implementation of JWS (JSON Web Signature) specification.

At the same time we are thrilled about the first SymfonyLive New York, we sent a bunch of cfps… let’s cross our fingers!

Below the usual list of interesting resources we found out this week, enjoy!

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Welcome to TechThursday!


This week we say goodbye to @luciano, you will be missed!

We’ve been working on clusterjs! Take a look at the blog post Today we released version 0.7!

Our @Cirpo will be speaking at the PHP North East Conference in Boston in a September! Read about his presentation here


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