Newsletter #109

Yo folks!

This week we bid farewell to one of our team member Nitesh, he posted an interesting summary of his delightful journey at Namshi, we wish him best of luck.

Below you can find the usual list of interesting articles we discovered in the past 7 days.

Goodbye Nitesh!

Today, Nitesh is leaving us to go back to his homeland, India, shift away from programming and focus on some other of his interests!

He had a few words to share with everyone:

When I came to Namshi, they handed me this welcome package which has small memo regarding values of the company, having worked before in corporate jobs I knew what it means, formality !! so I read the first line and toss it out. after working here for a while I could say there is nothing describe Namshi tech team better than that first line of that memo:

Do more with less.

Around 15 peoples tech team, building and scaling a growing e-commerce business like Namshi, says a lot about the quality of people. What makes it even more rewarding is the diversity of team, Italian, Egyptian, Indian, Nigerian … soon enough the conditioning of your own culture start to crack ( or at-least become more visible ). Being nomad from heart, and contemplative in nature, this was the most pleasing aspect of Namshi for me.

There was a striking combination of depth and breadth of knowledge in Namshi. always being more of a depth guy, I enjoyed things like test driven development and refactoring until my heart content, while some of my other colleagues seems like expert in everything. This leads to a solid Yin and yang approach. I was amused to know that our lead appreciates both. And quite excellent in walking the middle path.

These 9 months felt like 9 weeks in Namshi and with every meditation session, I knew I want to chew life, not really sprint through it. So even though I am engrossed and indulged in all this, I decided to move on.

Good luck Nitesh!

Newsletter #108

Yo folks!

Filippo in action during his tech talk, showing us some cool tips and tricks with MySql:

Below you can find the usual list of interesting articles we discovered in the past 7 days.

Newsletter #104

Hello geeks,

You know what they say – work hard, play hard! So, at Namshi, we started playing basketball, no PS4 involved! Alessandro Nadalin, Alessandro Cinelli (cirpo), David Funaro, Luciano Colosio , Armagan Kimonoglu, Mohamed Amin , and Hossam Fares joined in. Let’s see if it got the team in shape :)

And here is your weekly dose of TechThursday:

Newsletter #103

Hi fellas, in the last two weeks we started having tech lightning talks here at Namshi.

Below you can see Shidhin in this (creative) shot while is showing the rest of the gang how React works and how he used it in our latest open-source project Roger.

Talking about Roger, have you checked the blog post “How Namshi builds Docker containers through Docker containers”?

And ofc it’s TechThursday:

How Namshi Builds Docker Containers Through Docker Containers

When we started experimenting with Docker, its environment was pretty new: private registries weren’t en vogue and the DockerHub seemed to be the only decent alternative to store images and build your delivery pipeline on, even though it could take up to 15 minutes to get a simple image pushed to S3 from the Hub.

We wanted a cheap, reliable, fast build tool that could fit our delivery pipeline: we wanted our code to seamlessly go from an engineer’s machine to production; we wanted to build containers in seconds; we wanted stability and a (almost) zero-configuration approach.

At the end of it, we wrote a build system for containers that goes Open-Source today: in this post we are going to look at the reasons behind it, how it works (for us), how it can work (for you) and what are our plans for the future.